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Friday, July 11, 1997

July 11, 1997-Puerto Escondito

We finally got email and letter mail both on July 11; big day!. We are really in the boonies here in the middle Sea of Cortez so contact with the outside world is difficult, but it is beautiful and relaxing here. We swim a lot, fishing, clamming (you dive for them) look for scallops, etc. Living is cheap when you don't have anything to buy (not many stores) no marinas to pay moorage, etc. Temps are little hot, inside boat is 80 at night, 95 and up in the day. Outside temps have been over 100. Sailing is good however with nice afternoon breezes. Fans and spray bottles help you keep cool down below.

We have been staying around in the islands near Puerto Escondito and Loreto for a month waiting for a mail package which came yesterday. Near Puerto Escondito Puerto Escondito is a very nice natural harbor where a big development started about 10-12 years ago and never finished; just roads and the foundation for a marina and a few empty buildings in the middle of a lot of cactus. A gringo trailer park (perm spots only) nearby has a store which we walk to for basic food supplies. There is well water from a tap in Puerto Escondito which is so sweet and cool we drink more water than anything else. Just behind the marina are the Sierra de La Giganta mountains. Straight up 5000 feet from the desert about one mile back from the beach, rugged and so beautiful.

But, nice as it is here, now that we have our mail we'll start moving on north again in a day or two.

Cactus on the Baja shore

Well, we'll write again soon,

Fred & Judy, SV WINGS, Mexico<

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