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Tuesday, July 15, 1997

July 15, 1997-San Carlos, Mexico

We crossed the sea of Cortez and we are now in HOT San Carlos. It was 99.8 in the cabin all day yesterday, but the stores here are all air-conditioned, so we went shopping. Staying cool enough to sleep at night is a challenge but we are managing. Fans fans fans. Keeping beer ice cold is critical to getting through the day, and we have solved that one with an ice chest.

Marina San Carlos

San Carlos is a nice place, lots of expensive houses, a nice marina, and stunning scenery with rugged, rugged, mountains right in the marina area. Good roads here, but that doesn't matter to us much. Here in San Carlos there are a lot of cruising yachts which have been parked here while people go home for a while and avoid the heat. One storage lot has about 400 sailboats parked in it. It is across the freeway from the marina so the traffic gets stopped when the boats are moved to and from. Interesting.

We took a bus to nearby Guaymas, it is a Mexican city with few, if any, gringo tourists in evidence, particularly this time of year. It is a fishing port with a big marine industry and lots of big fishing boats. Several statues and monuments to fishermen lost in storms etc etc on the waterfront.

There are good shopping centers in Guaymas, and cash machines, so we can spend spend spend.

We'll move on north is a few days,

Fred & Judy, SV WINGS, San Carlos, Mexico

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