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Saturday, August 09, 2003

August 09, 2003-Ebora, Papau New Guinea

Paradise at Ebora

Sailing Down Island

After nearly two months in the Lousiades we're finally away from the howling wind. Tonight we are anchored in a calm place and there is not any wind outside wailing in the rigging or whistling through the palm trees. In fact all we can detect is a slight offshore breeze and the smell of smoke from cook fires and burning rubbish. It reminds us of Mexico, where we often had this smell at night. We haven't had it before anywhere in Papua New Guinea.

Kids in the Tree

We can also hear kid's voices on the beach because we are anchored right in the village. I mean "right in the village", it's that small. This is Ebora, and it isn't on the chart, but thanks to some friends who heard about it and told us to look for it, and a "mud map" we got with longitude and latitude, we found it. It's just a tiny notch in a rugged island coastline, we almost missed it, but here we are, and the native’s houses are only a hundred feet from the back of the boat, but we don't mind. It’s quiet and calm, plus there is plenty of good fresh water here to fill our tanks, so we can take baths and wash the boat, all in all, quite a luxury.

Just as we're glad we got to Ebora today.

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Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Papua New Guinea

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