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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

September 10, 2003-Fast Trip to Bwagoia

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Sunset Bwagoia Harbor, The Louisiades

We got the anchor up at 08:45 and set sail inside the reef for One Pass East in a nice 15 knot SE wind and calm seas. It was downwind and we sailed with just the main. We put out the fishing lines but we didn't catch anything. After an hour of sailing we jibed around a reef which was a waypoint and then we set the jib. As it would do, the wind immediately came up to 20 knots, but it was still easy sailing, and still no fish.

At 11:10 we went out through the pass, One Pass East, which is not named on any chart but it is one pass east of our favorite anchorage so we gave it that name, and by then the wind was up into the mid twenties and solid. The pass itself was easy, flat calm and good visibility, and in fact I enjoyed it thoroughly with all the colors of the water and sandbars and islands. Right outside the pass however we saw some pretty huge standing waves and we headed up into the wind a bit where they seemed less, but still we got into some really good waves. Once out of the rough stuff we bore off to Bwagaoia, 20 miles distant. The wind was still strong, and the waves still plenty big enough to soak us once in a while, but it was, again, easy sailing, and we made good time. Two hours and twenty minutes later we sailed into Bwagaoia Harbor, having averaged 8.4 knots across from the pass on a beam reach, and anchored just off the town wharf.

A good fast trip, but no luck fishing this time.

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Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Bwagoia

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