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Thursday, October 13, 2005

October 14-Dai Pai Dong; A Passing Scene

They are part of the exotic feel of Hong Kong, the cluttered streets thick with smells of boiling noodles and steaming Duck, vegetables, or dried fish. Dai Pai Dongs are the traditional street restaurants, and while we've never got up the courage to sit down and eat, we enjoy the ambiance as we walk along shopping on the sidewalks. Looking like they were just thrown up with folding tables, and a portable cooker, the Dai Pai Dong's actually have been here for decades, often run by the same family in the same location. Licensed by the city and treasured by the locals, sadly, the Dai Pai Dongs will be phased out. Hong Kong's government has decided to cancel the licenses on each as its current license holder, often the family matriarch, dies.

If you want to see one, you'd better come soon.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Hong Kong

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