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Monday, October 31, 2005

Reports from Fiji, 1998

We've just posted a story and some photos about our passage to Fiji and arrival in Savu Savu. Click here.

We went to Fiji on a fast track to sail in the Musket Cove Regatta. Click here to read about our fun visit to Malolo Lailai

After racing at Musket Cove, we set off on a tour of Fiji. Click here to see where we went.

Watching nightly fires burning on the hills of Fiji's sugar farming district disturbed us, and the fires themselves became symbolic of the racial divisions in Fiji, read the essay, here.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Hong Kong


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Blogger wingssail said...


The comment "Thought & Humor", which appears to be a slightly wacky joke page, is actually a religious site promoting "Intelligent Design".

For now, in support "free speech" I am allowing this comment to stand, but readers please be aware, WINGSSAIL does not agree with the positions stated in the "thought & humor" web site, or other ignorant and intolerant relgious sites, nor in the dishonest approach of this site, which attempts to disguise itself as a joke site.

10 November, 2005 17:22  

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