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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

December 15, 2005-Visiting Chinese Villages

Tap Mun Village

We've just completed a short shake down cruise, sailing three days north of Hong Kong and back and doing a bit of touring along the way.

We hiked around the hills in the places we visited, and found abandoned villages hidden in the forests, and other villages, still active, but quiet.

This village is on a small island where there are no bridges, no roads, and there is no airfield. If you want to go there you go by boat.

Between stops we had some great coastal sailing.

Cold Morning

Sailing was cold and at times rough. Judy was happy that we only had to sail for a few hours at a time before we could drop anchor again.

For the shakedown we checked everything from A to Z, and fixed quite a few; of course we know that problems will still occur, but maybe we've prevented a few.

The boat fixed, and our need for walks in the woods fulfilled, we came back to Hong Kong and returned to our berth at Discovery Bay.

Now we're waiting for better weather before we depart for the Philippines. The winter NE moonson is howling out there and we're going to wait. It's one thing to encounter 35 knots of wind on a passage, and it's another just to head out when we know it's there.

We've posted a few more images, click here to see them.

Click Here for all the Hong Kong photos

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Hong Kong

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Blogger inners0ul said...

It's quite an extraordinary lifestyle you are living. A lifestyle that many of us wouldn't dare to charter because of life's many uncertainties.

I recall an advertisement with the slogan "One it~!"

I believe that slogan best suits your lifestyle~!

15 December, 2005 00:04  

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