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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

January 23, 2006-Party on Wings

Cavelier, joining us for a party

Our stay at Subic Bay has been really good. We got some stuff fixed, collected spare parts which we had shipped from the US, and have pretty much decompressed from our passage over here from Hong Kong. Probably the best part of being here though has been the fun we’ve had with the new friends we’ve met – actually two of the couples we met when we were in PI two years ago.

Subic Bay scene

We went sailing on Sunday (four couples aboard) and in the afternoon we anchored off a small beach on the far side of the bay with two other boats that we invited aboard for a meal.

Lavinges arrive

With heaps of great food and drink, music just a bit too loud, and a boatload full of the wonderful, interesting, and typical sailing characters you run into in a place like this, we had all the makings of a great party, and it was.

Party on Wings

We sat around, ate too much, got drunk, went swimming, told sea stories and dirty jokes, and probably stayed out too late. Finally, after dark, we sailed back to the yacht club and tied up Wings after a long and fun day.

Tomorrow or the next day, we’ll leave Subic and head out for some new place, and new friends we know we’ll meet and will be on the look-out for old friends we hope to meet again.

Click here to meet some of our guests,

or here to meet some more.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Luzon



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