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Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Solomon Islands, 2003

We're in The Philippines now, but we've just posted the newsletters from the Solomons, which we visited in 2003.

We had wonderful, and at times, mystical adventures cruising the Solomon Islands.

Click here to read about our last stop in Papua, the magical atol of Budi Budi

Click here and read about our arrival in that dusty backwater, the interesting town of Gizo, in the Solomons.

Click here and meet a most wondeful character, Tony the Greek.

Click here to see what happens when you ignore the "Rain God"

Click here to read about our trip to the volcano, and more!

And click here as we reflect on our time in the Slomons, and the sadness of leaving.


Fred & Judy, SV Wings, The Philippines


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