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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

February 22, 2006-Semirara Island, Columbus Cove

Fisherman at Semirara

The cove on Semirara has no name that I know of. Hell, it isn't even on the chart, or my chart anyhow. But it is a cove nevertheless, and a calm and peaceful one at that. From here, peaceful and calm as it is, we can look past the point which forms the western end of this cove, call it Columbus Cove after the boat which reported it to us, and see rough ocean outside. Today the white horses galloped by all day outside Columbus Cove, so we're glad to be in here.

Yet here in Columbus Cove it was quiet. We heard not even the putt putt of a banca to disturb us more than once or twice. Both times a banca came by it was the same one and it was towing another banca. Evidently there is only one banca hereabouts with a motor. We know there is a house around the corner to the west, and maybe a few on the beach around to the east, and the traffic between the two is what we've seen going by twice a day. It's a two day sail to a town where we think we can do internet, so we are out in the boonies.

We worked on the boat all day. I fixed the starter which was getting slow, plugged some leaks in the deck which showed up on the way over here, and we fixed the mainsail where the luff rope had shrunk up so far that it came out of the feeder and made it tough to take down. Yeah, and I fixed a broken bracket for the fore peak bunk, so it was a busy day, even if I did get a late start (at noon, well, we're cruising).

Tonight I sat outside in the cockpit and watched darkness fall, then watched the stars come out. There are a lot of stars here and it is cool outside in the evening air, but not cold, and no bugs bother us. This is what I wanted to come to the Philippines for; cool air and starry nights. Nothing like the muggy and smoggy Hong Kong skies.

Tomorrow we'll either sail on, or, more likely, we'll launch the dingy and explore this cove and this end of Semirara Island. Maybe we'll go ashore and meet the people who might live here, around the corner.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Semirara Island, The Philippines

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