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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

March 1, 2006-Toothless In Manila


Well, this bufalo is not exactly toothless. But Judy did lose one tooth here, or had it extracted to be more precise, and I am happy to report that everything came out OK.

Judy’s tooth flared up in Borocay and she suspected she needed this extraction, (the tooth had a bit of a history).

Our problem was that we weren’t in Manila, where most of the big hospitals and care centers are, as well as the best dentists and oral surgeons. Finding a safe place to leave the boat and a way to get to Manila was a little tricky. It took us over a week to get the boat situated and get here.

But we are here. The boat is in a safe and secure anchorage in Coron, in Palawan province, near an air strip where flights to and from Manila can be had, and we are in our favorite cheap hotel in Manila.

Makati District

We’ll go back to Coron tomorrow, as soon as she has one more check-up to make sure there are not complications; after all, its a long trip to come to the dentist.

Click here to see the airstrip and plane on Busuangs Island.
Click here to see Busanga from the air.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Manila

More Photos taken on our trip to Coron:

Ambulong Beach

House on the beach

Busuanga Island

Coron Passage



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