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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 4, 2006-Puerto Princesca

Morning Mist

In order to legally sail from the Philippines to another country (Malaysia) we had to check out with immigration and customs, and get clearance documents. This meant we had to get to Puerto Princesca on Palawan Island, the nearest clearance port. Since we couldn't sail there, we took a Jeepney from Ulagan Bay.

Ulagan Bay

First we left Wings anchored near the Philippines Naval Station wharf in Ulagan Bay, and at 06:00 we headed off in the dingy for the little village of Baheile, which is just a collection of stores and a wharf at the end of a road. Where the road comes down to the water, that is where the action is.

Click here to met the navy officers of Ulagan Bay

Tied up the dingy at Baheile and left it in the care of an old guy who hangs around there picking up odd jobs.

Boarded a Jeepney for Puerto (Puerto Princesca), two hour trip, cost P50 ($1).

Puerto Princesca

Two hours later, after several detours to pick up cargo (bags of charcole for sale in Puerto, which all went on the roof of the Jeepney) we arrived in Puerto Princesca.

Checked out with immigration and customs, and had to fiercely resist their demands for bribes, which I am frankly tired of in the Philippines, got our papers and passport stamps, went to Jollebee for lunch, did some shopping, and lugged everything back to the Jeepney for the trip home.

Two hours later we were back in Baheile, where we stopped in at Chin's store for a bunch more provisions (beer, rum, gin, propane, diesel fuel, we and used up the last of our Filipino money on snack food) piled everything into the dingy, and back to Wings (30 minutes into a big chop, tough trip for our poor dingy)

Finally we're ready to sail, we leave in the morning.

So, that's the end of the Philippines. We love the country (except the corrupt officials) and we'll miss it, but we're off to Malaysia.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Ulagan Bay, The Philippines



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