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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dec. 25, 2006-Christmas in Bangkok

Bird's Eye View of Bangkok

This isn’t anything like your normal cruiser’s holiday, where yachties from all the boats in the anchorage gather on the beach or tie their dinghies off the transom of somebody’s just big enough for the whole crowd boat to have some eggnog, share a pot luck Christmas Dinner and swap sea stories.

That’s because we aren’t at some tropical anchorage this holiday season.

We’re in Bangkok. Working.

We worked on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and in fact the whole weekend.

I was off at one of the bank’s I support and Judy, knowing I’d be gone all day, accepted a job herself for the holidays.

We had no Christmas Tree, no presents, and only a couple of cards on the bookshelf. Christmas is not a holiday in Thailand.

But don’t feel sorry for us, we did knock off early on Christmas Eve and we attended a Thai Dance show at the Thailand Cultural Centre. It was spectacular, and full of Thai music with all their gongs and big drums and dancers and acrobats and people flying through the air. It had elephants.

Too bad they didn’t allow photos or we’d share some of the beauty of it with you.

Click Here, to see the Siam Niramit show

On Christmas day Judy cooked a traditional dinner with all the trimmings, for two. It was nice, but I talked about work. What a way to spoil a Christmas dinner.

That’s what happens though, when you throw yourself totally into work, which we have done this year.

It’s not cruising, but it’s OK, and the tropical anchorages will still be there next year.


Click Here, for more photos.

Fred & Judy, Bangkok



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