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Friday, September 14, 2007

September 9, 2007-Boat Maintenance

Fred Up The Mast

Working hard to keep Wings in good shape is part of the deal. In fact I don't mind. It is satisfying to accomplish every thing on your list for the day and then go sailing and have it all work.

This weekend we spent Saturday morning patching our #3. This tired old sail is falling apart. I'm talking to Rob about a new one, even sent emails to some places that sell used ones, but nothing is firm yet and we still need to keep the old Fraiser in good enough shape to use. So we patched the bejesus out of it.

Then I replaced three halyards with the new ones from West Marine which were waiting for us when we arrived in Singapore this trip. Of course one of them came loose from the messenger line and fell out of the mast when I was changing it, so Sunday I had to go up and lead a new line down. But we got it, and so now all the halyards on the front of the mast are new.

We are still using wire to rope halyards. Haven't switched to all rope yet, the top of the mast has a lot of chafe points which would tear up rope halyards right away. I checked it out carefully when I was up there and I have a plan on how to fix it without taking the rig out, but when I get it done, who knows. Anyhow, using wire for the halyards means I have to do Nicro Press swaging to get the shackles attached, and with my hand tool this is a bit of a tough job. I had sore arms by the time I got this done.

Next on the list:
New hydraulic hoses
New water heater
New broiler for the oven
New mast light
and I think I'll buy some new jib and main sheets

That's how I'll keep myself busy in Singapore on the next few trips, in addition to more patching on the #3 if we use it.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Singapore

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