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Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 10, 2008-Haul Out at Ratanachai

wingssail image-judy jensen
Keel Work

It weighed heavily on my mind for a couple of months.

The keel was damaged in February when we went aground hurrying to the Au Por Resort for the pre-race breifing and it needed to be fixed.

The hour we spent there that evening in February just took the glass and paint off the bottom of the keel; not any significant damage really, the repair could probably wait, but we just didn't like leaving it any longer.

So in early May we sailed down to Ratanachai shipyard and hauled the boat where I could fix it.

wingssail image-fredrick roswold
Sailing with Garth and Wendy

Garth and Wendy (Yacht Velella) were visiting from Seattle and they came with us. We had a truely great sail down the east side of Phuket Island, as this shot shows, in winds up to 20 knots, flat water, and a favorable tide. Can't ask for a better sailing day than this.

While I did my duty with the power tools and epoxy filler the others did a little touring around Phuket. (Judy helped me on Sunday while Garth and Wendy took the car to see what they could see).

Click here to see a lot more photos of the sailing and the sightseeing around Phuket as well as some photos Judy got in Bangkok a few days earlier.

This haul out was the first time we tried a marine railway, but the Ratanachai Shipyard on Phuket had a good reputation and a great price so we gave it a go. It was an interesting and I'd say excellent experience: The guys know what they are doing, are totally professional, and all business.

I'd say that Wings has never been in better hands.

We came back to Bangkok at the end of the long weekend and left the finish work to the yard. We'll return to Ratanachai weekend and if all the work is done we'll sail Wings home to Yacht Haven.

I expect it will be and I expect another great sail.

Fred & Judy, Bangkok



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