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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feb. 18, 2010-Friends Make Decision

Randy & Laura

Pollen Path

Randy & Laura are really good friends of ours who we met cruising in New Zealand in 2000. We've sailed with them and visited together in many places since then. Now they have decided to put Pollen Path up for sale.

Here is what Randy has to say:
"Liveaboards on Pollen Path since 1992, Laura and I have traveled in the Caribbean, the Pacific, New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia. We now find ourselves at a bittersweet crossroads as we realise that we have somewhat outgrown the simplicity of Pollen Path and it is time for us to find a new path. Anyone who is interested in carrying on the tradition of Pollen Path please contact us at" Randy Durban

Click here to see another photo of Randy & Laura and also our friends Sandi & Jack from Zorana

Click here to search our blog for images labled "Randy & Laura"

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Langkawi


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