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Monday, September 06, 2010

September 7, 2010-Rounding Sumatra

It is midnight.

Judy and Pierre are in the cockpit drinking wine and talking about life and I am below at the computer writing emails. We are in Seudu anchorage on the west coast of Sumatra Island.

Yes, Sumatra Island, Indonesia; at 1500 today we sailed around the western most tip of Sumatra Island.

So we have done another U-turn: we left Malaysia and are, after all, bound for Africa.

How did this happen?

After our gut wrenching decision to turn back from our planned voyage to Africa last month we have spent a month of soul searching, but also relaxing, at Rebak Island Resort in Langkawi where we sort of recovered our mental balance. This period of calmness has been beneficial. It has allowed us to look at things with a better perspective. Unless we wanted to sell the boat which we are unwilling to do at this time because living on Wings and sailing is still our life or stay in Malaysia permanently, which we also don't want to do even though we have liked it there for this month, we needed to do something about getting Wings on the move again.

We have decided to accept the help of a good friend and former crew member from Singapore, Pierre, to sail Wings to Africa. Judy came up with this idea after another mutual friend Tessa told us Pierre was available. When we contacted him a few days later he agreed and was even excited about the idea. With Pierre on board many of Judy's concerns are lessened and he is a big help. She can even opt out of the crossing from Reunion to Richards Bay if she wants. Plus her back has been fine. All of these factors added up to us making the choice to again face the ocean, this time with the addition of Pierre. We still have plenty of doubts, but we now feel that this is a doable trip. After we get to Africa we will still have some decisions to make but we will have been thinking about it for months, not hours, like last time.

We left Langkawi on Sept 4 and are now on the west coast of Sumatra. We did a lot of motoring but had some great sailing as well. We will depart Pedang for Rodriguez around the end of September. That is the big jump, over 2400 miles.

We will update the blog when we can.

Judy & Fred, SV Wings, Sumatra

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Blogger tessa said...

glad to hear from you. talk soon! x

06 September, 2010 23:53  
Anonymous RichC said...

Good news ... a couple extra hands and some trade wind sailing should renew the westward desire that brought you to Indonesia. (really great news about Judy's back) Looking forward to your updates.

07 September, 2010 15:33  
Blogger jan roswold brown said...

Hoo-rah! We is smilin' now!

08 September, 2010 17:23  

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