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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nov. 25, 2010-Thanksgiving Day Scenes From Home

kimberly stacy roswold
Mt. Si, Washington State

Sometimes it is hard for us to decide where home is; is it here on our boat which has been our home for 24 years where ever it has been located or is it back in Washington State, where we haven't lived since 1996, or is it where our family lives? Well not the last since we have family all over the USA.

Right now I tend to think of Washington State as "Home". Yes, when we are out and about in Mauritius or any place where we have travelled, when we say, "it will be good to get home", we are talking about being back aboard Wings.

But when we feel a bit lonely and are missing our family we realize that "home" is still in the US, in Washington State.

We have had some wonderful visits back home, most recently earlier this year when we traveled around the US and visited all of our family.

My brother Tom and his wife live in North bend Washington and This photo was taken by Kim looking out the window of their North Bend House after the big snowfall this week and she posted it on here facebook page.

It makes me a little homesick, but boy, I'll bet it is cold there.

Thanks, Kim, for a wonderful shot.

For another view of Washinton State, my daughter Kathy sent the following Mount Rainier photo:
katherine tucker
Mt. Rainier, Washington State

and this one of her daughter in the snow:
katherine tucker
Granddaughter Rose Marie Tucker

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Mauritius


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