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Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18, 2011-New Content

We have some new content for you and we've created a new blog to hold it: (see the link at the top of this page).

This blog contains the scanned pages of our log book.

wingssaillogbookpages-fredrick roswold

Australia to New Cal (2002)

(Click here for the rest of that trip.)

As long as we have had Wings each time we went sailing or even just untied the lines to move the boat to another slip, we wrote the details of that trip on a page in our log book. Now we have scanned many of these pages (all of them since July 1996, when we started cruising full time) and they are posted in the wingssail logbookpages blog.

There is an index on the right side of every posting in that blog which lists all the countries, ports, marinas, boat yards, anchorages which we have visited. Also in that index are some of the friends and crew who have sailed with us. For the curious we also have all the breakdowns and repairs listed in the index.

(There is a similar index in this blog, see on the right side, at the bottom.)

If you click on any index entry you will see all the posts related to that entry.

Of course there is an archive which also shows all the pages for any month or year.

Soon we will add links in many of our stories here to the log book pages of those trips so when you are reading the story you can go to the log book page and see the details. In the future we will have back links so that if you are looking at a log book page you will be able to go to the story, if any, which was written about it.

Here are other examples of the log book pages for two popular stories:

Passage Summatra to Mauritius (2010) and all the stories (dispatches)

Passage from Fiji to New Zealand (1998) and the story

We admit that they are pretty dry reading, but for any of you who want to see what actually was going on the details are there.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Mauritius


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