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Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30, 2011-Trip to Durban

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I told Judy she needed to have her head examined.

It was because of the fall she took on the passage here; the bruising was going down but she had hearing problems.

Richards Bay has a hospital and we went there but they seemed too busy and seeing a neurologist was going to take weeks they said. Even ER couldn’t attend to her.

So we drove to Durban. George and Ellen came with us.

The hospital there was first class and it turned out that her hearing loss had nothing to do with the blow to the head; it was an infection treatable with drops and pills. Good.

We had some time so we went downtown, saw a park and some nice buildings, shopped for boat parts and charts, checked out the marina, had lunch at the beach. And we stayed overnight at a nice Bed & Breakfast in an old colonial mansion on the hill.

The weather was great.

We had a nice time.

Now we are ready to go on Safari.

Click here to see photos of the Bed & Breakfast (named Bali Ridge)

Click here a few shots of Durban

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, South Africa

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