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Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17, 2011-Sailing from Port Elizabeth to Knysna.

Left Port Elizabeth at dawn, set the main and #4 and sailed offshore twenty miles looking for a little breeze. Found some: 13 knots from the ESE. Sailing at 6 knots but not towards the mark; VMG 5.0.

Saw a sailboat abeam of us outside, couldn't raise him on the radio. We crossed ahead and left him astern within an hour. Wonder who it was?

Gybed at noon; 103 miles to go. Poled out the jib and now sailing down the rhumb line at 6.6 knots. Hope to make the tide at Knysna by 09:00 tomorrow.

Had a little left over lamb curry in the freezer. Wasn't much for lunch so I dumped in a carton of yogurt. Heated it and a Portugese Bun, and had a glass of red wine.

Remember the meals we had crossing the Indian Ocean, Pierre, and the glasses of wine sometimes more than we needed?

More Later.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, South African Coast

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