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Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 18, 2011-Knysna Aborted

Knysna looked as beautiful as its reputation led us to expect: a blue lagoon surrounded by rolling green pastoral hills and mountains behind. The entrance looked a bit different though: white water all the way across.

Bar was rough

That was the view from Outside.

We never got in. Mission aborted.

Knysna is a river entrance with a narrow gap in the rocks called "The Heads" which is, apparently, impassable at times. This was one of those times.

There is a web cam ( with still shots every 30 minutes. We had internet coverage and we looked at the web cam shot. It showed a big wave just outside, coming in, looking like it was about to break.

I called the Sea Rescue Group and talked to Graham. He said it was flat at the moment but some big sets were coming periodically. We chatted a bit as we both watched the water, he from inside, us from outside. He asked me what our best speed was.

"Seven knots." I said.

"These waves come in at 20." replied Grraham.

Then there was a momentary gap in the conversation. I knew we were both watching the same big comber come in, 3 meters high or more, breaking all the way across the entrance and the wind was blowing the top off the wave. It looked like Sumatra surf to me.

"If you get hit by one like that we'll be picking up the pieces." Graham said.

"Thanks Graham, see you next time."

We diverted to Mossel Bay.

Click here for another shot and see a whale jumping.

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Anonymous Pierre said...

Glad to hear you guys are ok, safety first as usual :-)) And yes I remember these glasses of wine across the Indian ocean very fondly :-))))

18 November, 2011 21:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings from Detroit, Michigan! One blog surfing afternoon I came across Wingssail, and have been reading your entries for days. Your pictures are wonderful.


19 November, 2011 11:04  

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