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Monday, December 12, 2011

December 13, 2011-Waiting for the Blow


We just anchored in a large bay within sight of Cape Alguhas, Africa's southernmost point, intending to sit out a three day blow which is supposed to be coming.

We think this bay will shield us from the westerly wind but right now the SE swell rolls in pretty good. It might not be the most fun place to be but probably better than the alternative of sailing around Cape of Good Hope in a westerly gale and anyhow, tomorrow the swell is supposed to come from the west.

The holding isn't so great either. With all the sand dunes on shore you'd think there would be some sand below our keel but the chain is rumbling on rocks already.

And the Internet here is slow.

On those happy notes I guess I should say that the trip here was fine. Wings sailed well and even though we were beating for about half of the way it was easy sailing, if not fast. Later we got a good shift and we eased sheets and reached towards this bay, our destination. We motored for the last bit after the wind died as projected and we arrived here right on schedule. Sometimes you get lucky.

Now let's get some breakfast.

BTW, The Volvo boats are somewhere near here working eastward, waiting for the same westerly we're sheltering from, but for them it will be good sailing and I don't expect to see any of them dropping anchor with us. We're watching the AIS to see if we can spot them as they go by.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Cape Alguhas

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