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Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011-Forty Knots Isn't The Same Anymore

Cape Town: No this is not 40 kts

Four days ago we were anchored at Cape Agulhas and it was blowing forty knots and we could hardly stand up in the boat it was pitching and rolling so badly.

A few days before that we were in the port of Mossel Bay in 35 knots of wind and we were being slammed up against the wall and knocked down so badly fenders were exploding.

Now we are in the marina at Royal Cape Yacht Club in Cape Town, its blowing forty knots again and it's nothing. We are just so very damn glad to be here. There is no pitching, no violent rolling, no jerking and no shrieking dock lines. Judy looked outside and instead of breakers she sees ripples.

Forty knots? Bring it on. We’re in Cape Town.

Click here to meet our new/old friends in Cape Town

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Cape Town

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Blogger HarryWS said...

Welcome to Cape Town. I started sailing there. Do take the train to Simonstown for the day. Visit Stellenbosch and stop in at Gordons Bay, it has a harbour and there may be space.

21 December, 2011 19:33  

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