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Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26, 2012-The Sailing is Glorious

The sailing is glorious today, crisp cool SE breeze behind us blowing 18 knots, cloudless sky, brilliant sunshine, sea birds wheeling overhead, we've seen whales, dolphins, seals, you name it, and we're going in the eights; it can't get any better but I set a couple of lines; maybe we'll get a fish too.

The wind is building, were talking about reefing and I have little doubt we'll need to do that in a while, but with all hands that will be easy.

Last night we anchored at Dassen Island in the company of several fishing boats and had a good night. Got some Internet the morning and finished all our South African Business so there is no need to make a stop at Saldanha Bay.
We're off to Namibia.

Fred & Judy (and Randy & Laura), SV Wings, On Passage

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