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Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 29, 2012-Sailing to Namibia

We sailed out of Cape Town on Wednesday, anchored at Dassen Island for the night, and in the morning we set sail again for Namibia.

For two days we had wind, more than enough at times, and the sailing was good.

On the third day the wind lost its strength and we slowed. By the next morning it was light and fitful.

We sailed offshore in search for more pressure but found none. We jibed back towards the beach, maybe a land breeze would be there, but no, it was calmer yet.

As I waited in the predawn I smelled the Namib Desert and heard the roar of the surf not far away. I thought of the fear that sound would bring to the wind sailors of the past but it did not bother me, we have our engine.

At sunrise dozens of seals greeted me and welcomed us to Namibia and arching out of the water and plopping back in. Some Porpoises came too and tried our bow wave but found it wanting; we were wallowing.

As they turned away I shrugged and started the engine. It was only nine more miles to Luderitz and I'd wanted to sail the whole way but on some days it is not meant to be.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Luderitz, Namibia

PS: We anchored in Luderitz at 10:00AM Sunday January 29. We'll be here a few days; we have a couple of repairs to make and maybe a bit of sightseeing, then we will be off to Walvis Bay, the next port.

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