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Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012-Oy Querido (updated)

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Beach Bar

“Oy Querido, My Darling, I'm on the bus”, said the transvestite named Anderson into his cell phone as he plunked into the back seat of the bus between Randy and Laura. His friends on the bus thought that was hilarious.

This being the 6:30 bus and the beach bar having closed at 6:00, the bus was packed with locals going home after a day at the beach drinking cervesas and eating fried fish and listening to loud Brazilian beach music. We were there too and got some sand in between our toes now we were going out to dinner in town but nobody on the bus was really ready to call it a day; after all, it might be dark but it wasn’t even 7:00 PM. Even on Sunday and a small Brazilian town that is a bit early.

Anderson’s friend Kevin told us there was salsa dancing later but it might not be “appropriate” for us.

“I’m sitting next to the most beautiful man”, Anderson said into the phone, which by now everyone knew wasn’t even turned on and so they were rolling in the aisles. Randy, the object of his affection was just hoping he wouldn’t put his hand on his knee.

“But he has not got black enough skin!” complained Anderson. And the bus's passengers cracked up.

We were going to Ousodia Restaurant but Kevin told us about another good restaurant so when we got off the bus we headed that way instead and everyone on the bus stuck their heads out the widows and said, “No, No, the other way, Oy Querido.”

But Kevin’s recommendation was right on and we had a wonderful Brazilian dinner and Portuguese wine and too much food with friends from Avitar, Mark and Fiona, and finally we decided to skip the salsa dancing and go back to the boat at 11:00PM.

Fred & Judy (and Randy & Laura), SV Wings, Fernando de Naronha

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