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Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012-Looking back at 1988

wingssail images
Aboard Wings, 1980's.

We were younger, so much younger then,

when we were sailing in Seattle,

in 1988.

We were crazy about sailing in 1988, or just plain crazy; we sailed on ninety-five days and we sailed in more than forty-one races.

We lived aboard but racing was the thing. In 1988 Wings had not yet been converted to a cruising boat. No wind-vane, dodger, solar panels, anchor windlass, or cruising interior. It was still a race boat, and we sailed hard: IOR racing, PHRF racing, Jack & Jill, and fully crewed racing. We were still learning, but by 1988 we were starting to win, and the logs show that. Not every time, but sometimes we did pretty good. The next year would be better.

But we also cruised. We sailed almost every weekend, we went cruising north, cruising south, cruising out to the coast, cruising all over the San Juans, and often we met our friends Jim and Kathy on Tumbleweed, or Pat & Joann on Saga, or other friends.

Between racing and cruising we didn’t do anything else.

But we lived aboard, we worked in the city and we sailed.

It was a good life.

We’ve just loaded the log book pages. You can find them here.

(or go to our log book blog, and scroll down the right side to find 1988)

They make pretty dry reading but check out the photos. Who are those kids?

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Trinidad


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