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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 17, 2012-A Turn around Grenada

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Storm at the North Shore.

I would not have believed when we set out on Wednesday in a rented car to go around Grenada that we could make as many wrong turns as we did. We hit them all.

Not that it made much difference; Grenada is a small island. Even with our wrong turns we got to all of our destinations on time, although if we hadn’t gotten directions from locals a couple of times we might not have. For example when we were going up this one road which simply got worse and worse until it was just two ruts going up a hillside and Judy thought we should turn back but the guidebook said that the road was scenic even if it wasn’t very good so I thought we should keep going. Then we encountered a guy walking down the road, a rasta man with dreadlocks down to the middle of his back and a huge machete slung across his shoulder. I stopped and rolled down the window, “Is this the road to Windsor?” I asked.

“No man, this road goes to Bubbling Springs. You gotta go back down and turn left at the bridge, then right at the…” The rest was lost on me, but we went down, and eventually we found Windsor.

Another time three school girls gave us the scoop, “Yes, the fishing village of Gouyave is this way.”

“Thank you.” Zoom.

So in this manner we found our way and wound up at our hotel on Grenada’s north coast in time for cocktails. Success!

And just in time to see a big storm roll in.

Right as night fell the wind started to howl, the waves kicked up, and rain soon followed. We had our wine on the deck overlooking the passage to the Grenadines and watched the fury of the wind and waves. They told us at the hotel that this was the worst they’d seen since Hurricane Ivan. Boy, were we glad we were not sailing to Carriacou that night, although we saw two boats out there that were. I think they had a rough night. Instead the bartender shuttered the doors and served us an excellent dinner inside while the rain beat on the window panes.

Later that night we retired to our cottage on the beach and left the doors wide open. We felt the wind on our faces and listened to the crashing surf, the wildly swaying palm trees, and the rain on our veranda roof, all from our four poster bed. It was pretty fantastic.

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Grenada Woman.

Thursday morning the storm was over and we continued on our drive, hit all the tourist spots, and got back to Wings by dark.

Could you say we’ve done Grenada?

Well, in a sort of cursory way, yes, and it was great.

Next we head to Carriacou.

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Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Grenada



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