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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 25, 2012-Merry Christmas

Pirate's Bay.

As we sit at anchor in Clifton Harbor, Union Island, in the Caribbean, listening to Christmas Carols on our stereo and enjoying this holiday we reflect on the previous year.

Some water has passed under our keel since Christmas 2011, when we celebrated the holiday with friends aboard their yacht in Simon’s Town, South Africa.

In January, with other good friends aboard, we sailed to Namibia and saw the desert.

And then the four of us set out across the South Atlantic, from the cold and foggy Namibian coast to the tropical shores of Brazil, 3200 nautical miles, with a stop at lovely but remote St. Helena Island. What a sail we had!

After a stay in Brazil, struggling with the Portuguese language, we ventured North, across the Equator again, to Trinidad, in the Caribbean, where we stayed for the six months of hurricane season, working on the boat, making friends with other cruisers, and doing a few local races.

Now we are cruising Windward Islands of the Caribbean chain, on our way to Antigua for Sailing Week in April, and other destinations in 2013, probably Cartagena, Columbia for next hurricane season.

Al together we have sailed about 5800 nautical miles since last Christmas.

Back home among the normal folks our family continues to do well.

Our kids are healthy as are all their offspring who are all getting bigger. The oldest grandkids are all turning into fine adults. My, how the family grows.

Brother and sisters talk to us frequently on the phone and send pictures to us of all their grand and great grandchildren and their families are also all growing and thriving.

So it is a good Christmas Season for us, (better if we were there) and we are looking forward to the New Year. We hope all is well with you too.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Union Island

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