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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19, 2013-Bonaire


Hot, dry, windy.

Sand and cactus and a couple of little towns; sleepy maybe, but nice enough.

We arrived on Sunday and picked up a mooring off the capital, Kralendijk, and checked in. Had to go back to the office on Monday for immigration. They gave us 90 days but we'll be gone before that.

Nice as Bonaire is, we're on the move now.

Then we shifted to the marina. Got power and water and WiFi and rented a motor scooter for a week.

We had wheels.

Kralendijk, Bonaire

Drove south along the shore and found Kite Beach where the kite boarders were holding a championship for closed course racing, the middle and South American Championships.

Got some photos.

Hooked up with Jan Eckmann and Dave on the yacht Baraka. Friends of Taipan and Jan used to work at Bank of America. We knew a lot of people in common. They rented a truck and we drove to the other end of the island, through the national park. Saw lots of Flamingoes in the salt ponds.

Diving is nice here; Bonaire is known for it. We snorkeled a few places and agreed that it was pretty good.

Found a great Dutch supermarket, Van Der Tween, and a Karel's, a good bar for happy hour drinks.

That about does it for Bonaire.

Click here for Bonaire scenes.

Click here for images from Slagbaai Washington Park, including Flamingoes

Click here for images of Kite Board Racing

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, on Passage to Curacao

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