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Thursday, June 06, 2013

June 6, 2013-Leaving Dominca and the Antilles Islands

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Prince Rupert Bay (Portsmouth) Dominca.

We will weigh anchor at 12:00 today and set our course for Bonaire, in the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao), which will put Dominica the entire Antilles Islands behind us once and for all. It is not likely we will come this way again.

We have enjoyed our time in these lovely islands, and we recognize that there is much here in the eastern Caribbean that we did not see or do. Much more than we actually saw or did in fact. We hardly touched the place.

But we can't go everywhere.

This trip to the SW will take about three days, and for the first time since we arrived in Trinidad over a year ago we will be sailing downwind (if you trust the weatherman).

We'll check in after we arrive in Bonaire.


Here are more photos of Dominica

and Portsmouth

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Dominca

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Blogger jan roswold brown said...

Ah, the lazy, relaxed life of the sailor.......well, some days.
I like it when there is not so much drama, but then again, as long as you are writing then the storms and scares are past. Yay!
Things here are the same. shoulder is like a big storm, I know it will get better but meanwhile it's nail biting.
But just think........this will be a story I can tell for the rest of my life, wow, and I don't even have to ad drama! Cool.
Keep on a safe course.
Lots of love and hugs,
Lil sis

10 June, 2013 12:40  

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