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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

July 2, 2013-Aruba


The first day at Aruba made me hate the place.

We anchored by the airport and the wind blew all day and all night. Enough to drive a man crazy.

The boat bucked in the waves and the wind, as we seem to say so often in this part of the world, howled.

God did it howl.

And it was hot. We sweltered. There was too much wind to put up any awnings, we had no shade.

And to top it all off, some of the car stereo crazies ashore here played loud music all day, really loud music, which we could hear all too well all the way out to the boat. Really loud.

Aggravatingly loud. Boom Boom Boom.


On the second day, when we thought about putting the dingy together to go ashore, and we considered the wind and the difficulty of it, plus the waves...

We gave up. We went into the marina.

There we had peace and quiet. The wind didn't reach us in the marina. There were no waves. We had power and we turned on the air conditioner. We put up an awning. Live became good.

Aruba became good.

Click here for more photos.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings. Aruba

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Blogger lil sis said...

Sounds like you are in a better place.
Loud music is only good when you are dancing. : ). You've come a long way and each mile now brings you closer to us. I like that, maybe we will get to see each other more.
All is the same here. Wah wah wah. Short version of complaints.
Happy 4th of July! Love n hugs
lil sis

Happy 4th of July!

04 July, 2013 12:26  
Blogger Sue said...

Like you we are suffering (! Not)at the pool 'Crews Inn' and below with air -con while making new outdoor furniture etc. Sue on 'Andromeda' is helping and sends her love, so too does Chris 'Quicksilver' who was over for a meal and Rum on his birthday last night. Tomorrow Debbie comes with more swim suits and tonight Malcolm is cooking so I'm doing blogs.
Fair wind my dear friends
Sailor Sue

06 July, 2013 15:52  

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