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Friday, November 01, 2013

October 30, 2013-Dancers at Teatro Heredia

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Burgundy and Creme

Saturday night we went to Teatro Heredia to see an Argentine Dance group. They did folkloric and Tango.

It was stunning.

Teatro Heredia

The theater in Cartagena called Teatro Heredia, although the name is obsolete; it's now officially the Adolfo Mejía Theatre after Adolfo Mejia Navarro, a famous Cartagenian composer, is ornate and golden and reflects the South American grand cultural aspirations of the last century when Latin American municipalities and states hired architectural masters from both the New World and the Old to design and build opera houses and theaters where nouveau riche who could afford tuxedos, expensive ball gowns and other luxuries could enjoy the glamour of attending performances of the latest stars from Europe in glittering surroundings which could equal or maybe even surpass the halls of Barcelona, Paris, or Berlin. They built Teatro Heredia and others like it in jungle outposts and river junctions throughout South America.

Teatro Heredia, inside the wall of Cartagena's old town, was built in 1911 following the outline and structure of a 17th century church on the site and beautifully restored in 1998. It is a grand yet intimate space where we like to go to see dance performances and where we feel we can almost touch the dancers, often visiting troupes whose performances, if they sometimes are lack the professionalism of performances you might see in the grand arenas and modern opera houses, never lack passion and beauty.

Click here for more photos from the Argentine Dance performance.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Cartagena

Note: The following link to Alfredo Maiquez's beautiful image of Teatro Heredia is not working at this time. It may be restored.
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Teatro Heredia

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