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Monday, January 06, 2014

January 5, 2013-Sailing to the Darien

Beating out of the Gulf of Morrosquillo

The afternoon sea breeze filled as expected and at 13:00 Wings weighed anchor and slipped away to the south-west under plain sail, bound for the Sapzurro, in the Darien Province, on the Isthmus of Panama.

The wind, which they thought would clock around to the NW and lift them clear of land, held stubbornly to the SW, and, to add insult to injury, even backed a little and they had to beat out of the Gulf Morrosquillo to reach open water.

Nor did the wind clock during the afternoon or even as night fell but there was nothing to be done for it and they just hardened up and worked the vessel as close to the wind as they could as they sailed down the Colombian coast, sometimes skirting just off shore of the shallows and sometimes sailing inside of islands. The lights of the coast seemed close.

By morning however, the expected shift finally came and Wings was lifted. The sheets could be eased. The speeds went up. The sailing became easier.

And when, at mid-morning, the mountains of the Darien hove into view through the mist, their spirits were also lifted as they anticipated the landfall in a new place.

They anchored in Sapzurro at 13:00, 24 hours after setting sail.

Click here for some photos.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Sapzurro, Colombia

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Blogger randy cox said...

It may seem difficult to handle the sail for beginners. No one will be master in it. The practice and passion towards it makes it happen.
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07 January, 2014 04:20  
Blogger Sue said...

Sounds like a roaring sail!
Just like the Christmas winds in the Caribe!
Stay Safe, Sail fast and enjoy life to the full.

07 January, 2014 08:12  
Blogger Michael Wiggins said...

Hi Fred/Judy - on our way to see the Robert Redford movie (All Is Lost) and thought of our dear cruising friends! San Blas! We loved it there. What an excellent blog you are keeping. Will send you an update on the Wiggins crew via email.
Best to you both.
Mick & Christine

01 February, 2014 14:29  

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