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Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 25, 2015-Showing the fleet our heels

jl digital media imageJLDigitalMedia: Vallarta Cup Jan 24 2015 &emdash; Great Start

Down at the leeward end of the line Wings slides out into the lead. After a few races here in Puerto Vallarta we are now seeing some results; we haven't won yet, but we are improving.

It feels good.

The best part of it is that our crew is really coming on, we can call for whatever we need to do on the race course and the crew can get it done, and they are having fun doing it.

This is the best part of racing; the teamwork and camaraderie that comes when you work together well. We love it, we love them and they seem to be having fun.

More later.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Puerto Vallarta

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Anonymous Pierre said...

Knew you would do some great racing, so happy for you...but with the solar panel? lol...

26 January, 2015 13:14  
Blogger wingssail said...

I need the solar panel to use as a table when I am BBQ'ing. It is a great place for my scotch-rocks drink.

But we will take it off for Banderas Bay Regatta in March

26 January, 2015 13:43  
Blogger Jim said...

Can't get over how tall those masts are--extreme aspect ratio? Maybe having a home will be more tolerable if you are racing.

27 January, 2015 17:31  

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