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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Feb. 26, 2015-Adventures in Paradise-Tale of Two Blades

wingssail images-judy jensen
Ready to Haul Us Out

We made it out of the slip and there was some extra vibration but when we tried to motor up the coast to find some breeze everything got smooth and the boat just wouldn't go.

Like the wheels were slipping on ice.

I dove in and looked for the ice. No ice but also no propeller.

It seems that the propeller blades took off on their own. They left without us.

Well it was race day and who needs a propeller in a sailboat race so we went sailing without it and won the race.

Then we sailed all the way into the slip which got the marina all a twitter (sorry, not really, but they sure noticed it when we sailed in.)

Our other propeller went to the shop the next morning for some quick refurbishment and a few days later we hauled out to put it on. (Ray and his brother towed us there with his dingy, Barry helped me install it.)

wingssail images-judy jensen
New Prop

Now we're all better except we have no spare propeller and this one, like the one which just broke, is about 27 years old. Guess we should buy another new prop.

Just in case.

Click here for more of Judy's photos.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, La Cruz

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Blogger Jim said...

You guys are exceptional sailors, but that is a lot of boat to sail into a narrow slip. How about some race details?

27 February, 2015 20:41  
Blogger wingssail said...

On this night there was wind outside and very little winds inside, but apparently there was tide relief. We stayed in but watched the boats outside move up the coast. Blue, the big J160, was in the next start. and faster than us, and we watched them anxiously. If they went out, we'd have to also. But they struggled mightily in the light breeze while we kept moving. When the wind filled in we took off. Blue chased us and gained, but the boats outside were crushed. We hung on to a surging Blue and won by a few seconds. Nice night.

See the next post for a different outcome.

28 February, 2015 20:57  

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