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Saturday, September 10, 2016

September 10, 2016-My Malecon

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Community Activity on the Malecon

On the top of the breakwater around our marina there is a promenade called the Malecon.

It is a place that is enjoyed by families of this community out for a walk in the evening, a run, to do some exercise, or just to view the Bay and the mountains beyond.

The Malecon is part of the scene where we live. It goes with the small town of La Cruz, the blue ocean, the mountains in the distance, the birds, sea life and the quiet docks where our boat is moored.

From the deck of Wings I can watch the activity on the Malecon. On some evenings, and there are many of them, I go on deck to use the BBQ and I watch the Malecon.

Three Girls on the Malecon

I take a glass of scotch, put on some music, and while my steaks cook I watch the chicas jogging with their ponytails flying and the kids zooming along on their skateboards, or the parents pushing a stroller and the fitness students straining their muscles while their kids play nearby.

There is something about watching the Malecon which I love.


I can see the palm trees gently waving, the birds circling, the tall mountains in the distance and all the people living out a rich part of their lives.

There is peace in this place.


Click here for the full photo essay.

Fred & Judy, La Cruz Huanacaxtle

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