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Thursday, May 17, 2018

May 17, 2018-Santa Rosalia

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Sailing Northward

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Santa Rosalia

We arrived in Baja, at the port of Santa Rosalia, on May 11 after a pretty decent 200 mile sail over from the mainland.

It was great to be back in Baja California, back in the hot, rugged, mountainous Baja, and great to be in historic Santa Rosalia which we have wanted to visit for years.

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Santa Rosalia

As Mexican towns go, Santa Rosalia is unique. Built by a French mining company around the turn of the century of wood frame buildings, with timbers imported for the purpose it has a look and feel of somewhere in Europe or Africa, certainly not Mexico. Compact, with narrow streets and covered sidewalks, scrupulously clean, and colorful, Santa Rosalia has a feel of its own.

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Judy in the park

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Eiffel's Church

We’ve walked all over Santa Rosalia, including up on both of the hills between which the town is pressed. The layout reminds us, on a slightly smaller scale, of Jamestown, on the island of Saint Helena, in the South Atlantic.

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Mining Machine

It’s quiet and cheap. We stayed for a week and mostly took a lot of photos.

Now we are heading south. We’ve got a month and a half to get back to La Cruz. We expect to have to plenty of time to enjoy a lot of nice anchorages in Baja and maybe some good sailing.

Click here for more photos.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Santa Rosalia

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Blogger Roger, Lynne & Salty said...

Thanks for letting us hang out with you for a few days in Santa Roselia. the cemetery hike, dinner impromptu, and just sailboat trash talking! Your photos and blog are among the best!See you in December...

Roger, Lynne and Salty
s/v Schatzi

02 June, 2018 16:15  
Blogger wingssail said...

Thanks for the comment Roger. I just added the two photos you sent me to the "wingssail images" section.


04 June, 2018 08:10  

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