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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

November 20, 2019-Racing Season is Upon Us Again

Racing season is just kicking off here in Mexico; the temps are coming down from barely tolerable to wonderful and the air-conditioner is about to be stowed. We've taken the solar panels and the last load of cruising equipment to the storage locker, loaded the racing sails and bent on the carbon main. The big Bruce anchors and the chain are in the dockbox. The diver has cleaned the bottom again and tomorrow he'll wax the topsides (but that's just for looks).
One by one the crew have drifted back into town and stopped by to check in, and they each inspected the results of our summer's work. I have to say it's generally nods of approval I see as they stand on the dock and stroke their chins scanning the new hardware, running rigging, and fresh deck paint.
We've tested everything that can be tested, even the new navigator has been doing his navigation exercises with the tablet computer. Now we just need to get out of the berth and shake out the cobwebs.
Weds we'll put on supplies of beer and water and see if this ole' girl can still go.

Yahoo, it's sailing season again in Mexico

Fred & Judy, SV Wings

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