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Saturday, December 07, 2002

Just Posted-Sailing to Oz

Sailing to Oz

"These are to certify, to whom it doth concern, that Fredrick D Roswold, a foreign man, Master of the Ship SY WINGS (8) registered tons (net), and Judy D. Jensen, Owner, Foreign, navigated with a crew of 0 British 0 Foreign, GRP built and bound for Brisbane, having on board cargo and stores as per statements attached, hath here entered and cleared their ship according to law.

"Given under my hand, at the Customs House, at the Port of Lata, in the British Solomon Islands, this 27th day of Nov. Two thousand and Two.
Willy (unreadable), Customs Officer."

On November 28, 2002, due a sick engine, we changed our plans to go to Hong Kong and instead set sail for Australia. Thereafter followed a 10 day sail in superb conditions.

Click here to read the whole story.

Fred & Judy, Bangkok

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