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Friday, February 08, 2008

Feburary 8, 2008-Phang Nga Regatta Race 1

wingssail image-judy jensen
Concentration pays off on day #1

Right now it is day 2 and we are motoring behind RC launch "Henry K" which is flying the "follow me flag" down the intended race course. I think they will stop and set a line at any point that some wind fills in. My personal weather router, Will, says there will be a sea breeze today, this means SW wind. Also some chance of thunderstorms. Meanwhile the NOAA weather models calling for E winds 6-10 knots, of which we see no sign. I think I trust Will.

Yesterday we got second in race #1, and would have been first, were first most of the day, but Pheonix an X-3/4 ton nipped us at the finish. They are faster in the light stuff but we owe them time. Damn! What are they doing in cruising division?

We were 2nd around the course most of the day and even first ahead of the 70ft Judel-V Yasooda at one point. Lots of spin up and down, 1/2 oz, some very light jib work, wind mostly 0-4 kts. We're doing good for a full cruise livaboard with three people against all the racing machines with full crew. Out of 50 boats we were 4th across the line (monos) and we finished within 50ft of the lead boat. (which is 5 min).

Our anchorage at Chong Lat was drop dead gorgeous and there was also a good party and we drank a bit last night so this delay is OK.

Click here to see Choong Lat

That is the race report for today.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Chong Lat, Thailand

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