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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jan 29, 2009-Phang Nga Bay 3- as Good as it Gets

UPDATE! First place!

Andy Shannon & Fred

Today was a terrific day of sailing.

We had a great start, sailed well on the first leg with the new asymmetrical did several successful spinnaker changes and the last half of the race in the open water in brilliant sunshine and nice wind was as good as sailing gets and to top it all off we corrected out to first place ahead of Yo!2 and Katsu. Our time over Yo!2 was 16 seconds.

I've got to say that the crew is excellent and we are sailing well together as a team so this win is particularly satisfying.

We didn’t know how we did until Simon James, PRO, tipped us off at the party just before the announcments so it was a bit of a surprise. Now we are tied with Katsu for second in the series and today we go out to see how we do overall. The rivalry should be good with Katsu and they might be gunning for us a little after today's start when I luffed them up sharply and caused them to miss the start and have to go around.

The party tonight at Railay Beach at Krabi was good but Judy and I went home early to recover a little, and tomorrow we’ll be at Ao Chaong, and we’ll write more.

Click here for more photos

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Krabi

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