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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 29, 2010-Heading West

Heading Out

On Saturday we left Cedar Rapids Iowa. By Sunday we were passing through Denver. The trip across the great plains took a day and passing through the Rockies took another day and then we detoured across the Colorado Plateau, the source of the Rio Grande and Colorado Rivers, had lunch in Taos New Mexico, and dropped down with the Rio Grande to Albuquerque.

Truck Stop

At sunset next day we were on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and we stayed that night at a lodge right in the park. At 05:30 the next morning we got up to shoot the canyon at sunrise.

Judy At the Grand Canyon

Rain Comes to the Canyon

At 7400ft of altitude the South Rim is high enough to be damn cold in April and a front coming through brought an icy wind. We shivered behind a rock doing arobics to stay warm and took a few photos whenever the sun came out but by 07:30AM the rain and sleet and chilly conditions drove us off the rim of the canyon and we took the shuttle back to the lodge, had breakfast in the cafeteria, and then headed down the mountain.

That afternoon we arrived at Jan's house in Indio California (Palm Springs) for a wonderful few days of family fun & desert heat and completed our roundtrip by pulling into Margie's driveway in San Diego 35 days and 6000 miles after we started.

Next we will fly to Washington State to visit the other side of the family.

At La Jolla

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Fred & Judy, San Diego California



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