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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oct 10, 2010-Dispatch #4 from Indian Ocean-

Day 10; 14.42.56S-82.16.4E

Heading WSW at 6 knots running with a poled out #4 jib and a reefed main. About to shake the reef. The wind is from 97 degrees at 15-16kts. Sun is shining and sky and ocean are blue. Sailing is good but...

We are diverting to Mauritius to be better able to repair the boat. Failures so far are not so serious although they are bad for the morale but who knows what will fail next. Stopping at Rodriguez would not be fun when we are worried about the boat. So the focus now is to get to a safe port with facilities. Also, Pierre realizes that he must leave the boat in Mauritius to get back to Singapore and look for a job. We go there directly now. 1447 miles from this position. ETA Oct 20th depending on wind. Forecast is for less wind. We'll crowd on more canvass.

The leg to Africa is now in doubt this season. Win some lose some.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Indian Ocean

If you see this posting then we haven't lost comms yet, but due to distance, we expect to soon.

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Click here to see the log book pages of our passage from Sumatra to Mauritius.

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