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Monday, October 11, 2010

Oct 10, 2010-Dispatch #5 from Indian Ocean-

Day 11; 15.21.585S 79.15.368E

Heading WSW at 7 knots running with a poled out #4 jib and a full main. The wind is from 80 degrees at 15-16kts. Sun is shining and sky and ocean are blue. Sailing is good.

Sailors know all voyages will eventually end and so will this one but for me this voyage is taking a while.

I realize that we will still be seeing this same vista of vast blue ocean filled with waves which seemingly go on forever, as far as we can see in every direction, for ten more days and have for eleven already.

The ocean is big.

The crossing is also seemingly going to go on forever and so we have a lot of time on our hands.

Time for reading, for music, for talking, for fishing. Time for anything we want as long as we can do it on this boat out here at sea.

But me, I'm restless and I want to get there, get going on stuff that I can only do in port and get on with things like fixing and planning and arranging; the things of action that I do.

Instead, if I am going to keep my sanity, I need to chill out and relax and enjoy some of those things that I have all this time for.

But it isn't easy. This morning I went to the foredeck with my ipod to listen to the latest Wilco and Arcade Fire and enjoy the roar of the ocean as we surfed at 10 knots down the big ones. But an hour was all I could do.

Then I read my Stephen Hawking book for about 30 mins, got bored.

So, I need to find a zen or a zone or something, because, like I said, we've still got ten more days of this. Maybe tomorrow I can make it longer on the foredeck or read a few more pages of Stephen Hawking.

But I am working on it and like I said, all voyages eventually come to an end.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Indian OceanFred & Judy, SV Wings, Indian Ocean

If you see this posting then we haven't lost comms yet, but due to distance, we expect to soon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're reading Hawkings, have you also had a look at Brian Greene's "(The) Fabric Of The Cosmos"? It's a very eloquent dissertation on the same subject.

11 October, 2010 06:52  
Blogger tessa said...

Time for yoga! Hang in there and talk soon, Tessa, Marco and Tara

12 October, 2010 23:40  

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