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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oct 14, 2010-Dispatch #6 from Indian Ocean-

Day 14; 17.27.891S 73.24.459E

Heading WSW at 6.6 knots reaching on port jibe with a #2 genoa and a full main. The wind is from 133 degrees at 15-16kts. Sun is shining and sky and ocean are blue. Sailing is good.

Two days of lighter winds have both slowed our westward progress and given us a rest from the motion which always results from being on a speeding boat on a big ocean of angry waves in which category we definitely fell the week previously.

There are some spectacular photos of those flying days sitting on memory cards aboard this vessel which, due to the connection limitations of HF radio, we cannot share with you now but you'll see them later.

The lighter winds and smaller seas don't make for such photo opportunities; however it makes cooking and sleeping easier. We are well rested and well fed.

The sun has also dried us out. All the laundry and linens have been on the line over the last two days and even cushions have been on deck drying out. The hatches are open and the breeze flows through so we have a fresher smell down below.

We enjoy the respite from the motion and the damp but miss the speed.

Yesterday we had a celebratory drink as we passed the 1000 mile point from our destination, Mauritius. Now as I write this the distance to go is 921 miles. We'll be there on next Wednesday even in the lighter conditions we have now, and they are forecast to increase a little.

So it is a happy ship.

Fred & Judy & Pierre, SV Wings, Indian Ocean

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Click here to see the log book pages of our passage from Sumatra to Mauritius.

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