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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

April 6, 2011-Bound for Richard's Bay

On Wednesday, April 6, we left Reunion Island, after a short stay, bound for Richard's Bay, South Africa.

We enjoyed the brief time we had here and might have stayed longer than the five days but there is weather coming. If you believe the long-range forecasts there will be a depression, or more, that would keep us in this port for a couple of more weeks, something we don't want to do. By leaving now, when the depression is over 1000 miles away, we think we can get clear of it and make it safely to Africa.

That is the plan anyhow.

So we are fully watered and provisioned, had a good night's sleep last night, and right now we are just waiting for Doanne (Customs) to come and clear us out.

Reunion was interesting and the terrain, geographically and geologically, is awe inspiring. The mood and feeling of this place is dominated by the 6,000 foot high mountains which rise up in long, steep, cloud shrouded slopes from the sea. The scale of man Vs Mountain is tilted strongly towards nature. Houses on the slopes of the hill look like so many white dots scattered in layers on the green hillside. The people here have also created a very civilized, nice little, piece of France in Reunion and that is also interesting, with the freeways, shopping centers, and small villages filled with great restaurants.

We'll file a full report as soon as we can. The photos will have to wait until we get to Africa; one of the odd things is that it was impossible to get a connection for the boat. This is the first place since Tahiti, 13 years ago, that we have been unable to get online, so posting photos will have to wait.

Meanwhile, we have sailing to do.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, On passage from Reunion Island

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