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Thursday, April 07, 2011

April 8, 2011-Passage to Africa, Dispatch #1

It is the third morning at sea on this passage and I stand the dawn watch as is my habit and with my first cup of coffee in my hand I look over my shoulder and see sun rise behind me where it has been these last 14 years as we've sailed ever westward.

We're bound from Reunion Island for Africa and while it is still early, so far it's been a good trip. Oh, we got out of Reunion a bit late on Wednesday morning, waiting over two hours for the customs to appear and give us our clearance, and then after setting sail in the harbor and standing out with flags flying in a bit of nice SE breeze, we had forty miles of fitful winds in Reunion's wind shadow, but we got clear of that at 22:30 and since then it has been fair sailing with clear skies, deep blue sea, and nice wind.

We passed a few east bound ships, some going to Asia, others taking a great circle around the pirate areas north of us going to India of the mid east, but I don't think any other west bound yachts are out here. We should be the first boat of the season to arrive in Richard's Bay. The crew is happy and doing well; with four aboard we get plenty of sleep. The food is plentiful and good, the boat is working well, and at this stage, the weather forecast is fine.

So, not much to report, we've got a bit over 1000 miles to go, and if there's nothing eventful, we'll be in Africa on the 15th of April.

Fred & Judy, with Jean-Mee and Jennifer as crew, SV Wings, On Passage

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