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Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012-Departing Saint Helena

At 12:43 PM Wings, having completed preparations and obtained port clearance, stood out to sea from Saint Helena, bound for Brazil.

We have enjoyed our stay in Saint Helena and the pleasant company of Nepenthe's, Jim and Carol, who also depart today. Last evening we had cocktails and a lite meal aboard their yacht with Randy and Laura and it was great fun. Sadly we will now split with Nepenthe as they are making their course for Gibraltar. They have been cruising friends since 2000 when we met in Scarborough, Australia, but we have made a date to sail together in the future in Mazatlan, when we both reach that port. We hope to keep it.

Saint Helena has been good, yesterday, after one last shopping trip, some of us went to the swimming pool, Randy climbed Jacob's Ladder (the stairs to the high town) and took a minute off of his time, and Laura made last minute email connections at Anne's. I walked the cliff trail to Bank's Battery and took some photos. Later we topped the water tanks and finished scrubbing the bottom. After we got home from Nepenthe dolphins came around in the dark and wished us good bye.

I think we are ready for sea.


At 16:00 Saint Helena is well astern, we are sailing wing on wing in company with Nepenthe, two miles abeam and the catamaran Ile de Grace, out of Annapolis, with John and Jennifer aboard somewhat behind. The three yachts are gradually separating and will soon be spread out across the wide ocean.

Fred & Judy, (and Randy and Laura), SV Wings, On Passage for Brazil

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